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Pre-Employment Testing

Rationale: Pre-employment screening has been proven in several high-risk occupations during the past fifty years. These include military, police, fire and nuclear power plant operators. Screening of applicants "selects out" persons with characteristic known to negatively affect the performance of essential job functions.

Pre-conditional Offer of Employment Screening: We recommend screening all applicants using an easily administered, 20-30 minute inventory that assesses performance factors (e.g. history of work difficulties, integrity concerns, and risk-taking behavior). A computer-scored profile of the applicant will assist the personnel decision-maker in identifying the most suitable candidates before extending a Conditional Offer of Employment.

Post-conditional Offer of Employment Psychological Screening: Psychological screening is an essential component of an evaluation program and is usually conducted in conjunction with a physical examination and background investigation. The psychological screening consists of objective psychological testing and an interview of the applicant by a licensed psychologist who is a specialist in police and public safety. Suitability ratings are provided the Personnel Department of an organization for further assessment of the applicant before a final job offer is extended. The primary focus of this evaluation is to identify risk factors that are likely to interfere with successful job functioning. Examples of risk factors include impulsivity, problems managing stress, negative interpersonal personality characteristics, and poor work attitudes.

Crises Intervention - Traumatic Stress

Formula: Psychological Recover from Traumatic Event (PR)= Early Intervention (EI) +
Organizational Support (OS)

Types of Sudden Stress with Trauma

  • Officer-Involved Shootings
  • Sudden Death of Coworker
  • Bank Employees following armed holdup
  • Employees Assaulted on the Job
  • Sudden events with heightened emotional responses by employees can lead to long-term psychological disorders and disability. Recognition by an employer of the emotional impact of work incidents and providing early intervention can result in prompt emotional recovery of affected employee(s), low absence rate and reduced disability claims. We will provide onsite management consultation to pre-plan how the organization responds to incidents and coordinate mental health resources to you and your employees immediately following a traumatic incident.

    Workability Evaluation / Fitness for Duty

    • When the employee exhibits performance problems and administrative interventions appear exhausted
    • When chronic abscences do not respond to administrative interventions
    • When the employee complains of "stress" as explanation for performance problems
    • When an employer needs consultation on the presence (or absence) of mental health conditions affecting capacity to work.

    LEPS provides assessment of employee psychological functioning consisting of objective testing and interviewing. We provide recommendations on level of impairment to perform essential job functions, treatment recommendations and if temporary disability the projected period of recovery to full-duty.

    Training Opportunities for Improved Employee Performance

    Contemporary training topics affecting you and the organization are offered in 3.5 hours time-blocks Effective teaching strategies are used to positively affect behavior. The primary training topics are:

    • Response to Trauma: Managing Your Stress
    • Suicide Prevention of In-Custody Death (Police and Corrections Only)
    • Anger Management: Yours, not Theirs
    • Domestic Violence Reduction

    Forensic Evaluation Services

    LEPS evaluators are experienced evaluators of forensic cases both civil and criminal. Our services include assessment of:

  • Permanent Impairment Ratings
  • Malingering
  • Personal Injury
  • Negligent hiring and retention
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Psychological malpractice
  • Workplace violence risk assessment

    Evaluators have been qualified as experts in the States of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Hawaii, Washington, DC, Virginia, among others.

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